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I am wondering if the latest BAE workaround fix addresses any of the other six years worth of unaddressed issues remaining since the release of BBP 0.90.95 in April 2016? (I call it a workaround as nothing has changed in BBP although a possible fix to BBP happens as a side-effect of installing a different program).
I'm still struggling with the 48 hour issue in Windows 7, nevermind contemplating any newer operating systems.

On the positive side, I would like to hope that progress with BAE means progress with BBP will not be far away..


Breakaway Professional Products / Stable version gone..
« on: March 21, 2012, 10:59:43 PM »
Does anyone know where the last stable version of BBP has gone? The only version available now from the website is the highly unstable 0.90.95 which causes no end of headaches whereas the older version It was either .78 or .87 which used to be downloadable from the website is gone.
I'm in the process of setting up a machine for a client and purchasing BBP but the machine is going into a remote location and .95 simply won't do as it has the stuttering issue. The older version was always rock solid.

Help me please..

Breakaway Professional Products / Windows 8, Working (so far).
« on: February 28, 2012, 02:49:15 PM »
Hi guys, this is sure to come up sooner or later so I thought I would share..

I recently installed the Dev Prod version of Windows 8 Beta and I'm happy to say that BBP (non ASIO version tried) and Airomate are working perfectly on my new test machine.

The consumer Beta version is released tomorrow and I'll try this too but as for Windows 8 compatability, things are looking good so far.


Breakaway Professional Products / Where are my PMs??
« on: June 13, 2011, 12:42:11 PM »

I used to have PMs on here, some containing very important info and files I need to get to but I can't get to them anymore.

Has PMing been removed? If so, how do we contact each other?


Hi Leif,

I watched with great interest the video of the new Omnia 9, it's going to set the bar very high for the others to follow, Congratulations.
I was also very interested to note that at least one of the new features may have been born from a conversation we had some 18 months ago, the MPX over IP..

The Undo feature sounds fantastic and the new MPX clipper is almost like magic and finally, at last, the legendary Leifcast is being released to the public. You have done a superb job, I only regret that as a mere pauper, I will probably never own one of these myself  :(

Which brings me nicely to my main point, I know it's been touched on in a roundabout way but I want to try to get some clarity over what features we might expect to see in the next iteration of BBP and which ones we might be left without.

Firstly, the 1st priority to all would be the MPX clipper but I understand that this really is the jewel in the crown as far as your work towards the Omnia 9 goes but in terms of performance gains and really unleashing the full potential of BBP, this is where it is..

Secondly, the MPX over network is a great feature which is obviously the fruition of the talk and work of the Breakaway STL we have discussed at length in the past, I would love to see this feature in BBP too, I also had to smugly take some credit for your comment about the "pirate version" and your reference to the comms authority raids, something which had not entered your thoughts until I pointed this out to you a while ago..
yorkie98 wrote:
lost in the event of theft or communications authority raids

I had to LOL at this . Okay, I see your point.

Then there is "Undo", what an absolutely brilliant idea, a game changer in itself and the real suprise of the whole unveil, we were expecting to see the MPX clipper, we were expecting new GUI/Framework and possibly the STL but this was a total curveball and completely unexpected and the results, even with the poor audio of the movie clip, the benefits of it can be clearly heard.

Finally, Leifcast, this would just complete the utopian package you could make available to us, maybe as a reward for our patience in awaiting the updates, you have no idea how hard it has been, especially as we have been teased/tormented with the audio clips of "Passive Aggressor"..

If you do feel that some of these features are of higher value than the $299 price point, maybe some of these could be purchased as add-ons or maybe you could produce a "Lite" version and a "Full" version at a higher price point for those of us who would like to use the full package.
This may not be a popular statement with all current users but I most certainly feel you are due some kind of reward for all of your efforts and that there should be a small fee for those upgrading from the "old" version to the new, maybe BBP ASIO users can step up for free to "Lite" and pay say $150 to get the "Full" package. Users of BBP (non-ASIO) maybe $100 for lite and $200 for "full".
I have only ever deployed non-ASIO versions to my clients so I would be paying the larger amount in all cases to upgrade and all of my clients would get this upgrade paid for by me as part of their service agreements.
Even though this is going to cost me quite a significant sum to upgrade all of my clients, I believe that it will be a significant upgrade and I am happy to provide them with this upgrade at my expense as I am sure I will get rewards back in repeat business and new clients coming forward, wanting to sound like my other clients..

You may ask why you should make these features available to us mere software users and I have the perfect quote for you, from a very wise man.. "Gewoon omdat het kan"  :wink:



PS, Please don't forget Dayparting... :D

Breakaway Professional Products / Feature request: Dayparting.
« on: February 20, 2010, 09:52:45 PM »
Hi Leif, I'm sure you have plenty of things on the go but is there any chance of writing dayparting into BBP so I can switch presets at various times of the day/week to allow for changes in format and for relaying other stations who are already processed?

A long shot I know but If I don't ask, I won't get.



Radio on-air processing fans will no doubt be watching closely what the major names will be up to at this spring’s NAB Show.

Radio World has gleaned some details about the pending new Orban Optimod-FM 8600, the latest FM processor from that big player in the high-stakes, high-emotion FM processing niche.

While the 8500 will continue to ship “for years into the future,” according to company insiders, the 8600 will begin shipping within weeks of the spring convention and the price of the earlier model will fall.

Here’s what RW has learned:

Orban will emphasize that the 8600 gives “dramatically improved” peak limiter technology that decreases distortion while increasing transient punch and high-frequency power handling. “Compared to the FM-channel peak limiter in Optimod-FM 8500,” company materials will state, “the new peak limiter typically provides 2.5 to 3 dB more power at high frequencies, which minimizes audible HF loss caused by preemphasis limiting. Drums and percussion cut through the mix. Highs are airy. ‘Problem material’ that used to cause audible distortion is handled cleanly.”

Orban will tell NAB attendees that while the design offers “about the same loudness as 8500 processing, its main goal is to make FM analog broadcasts more competitive with the cleanliness, punch and open high frequencies of the digital media against which FM analog transmissions now battle.” The company states in a product summary: “The FM loudness wars were so 20th century; in the 21st century the new foe is digital media.”

Features also will include parallel processing for digital channels like HD Radio that simulcast program material on FM analog. Except for the AGC, the analog FM and digital radio channels will be independent and separately adjustable. The 8600’s digital radio channel promises a new peak limiter. As before, an FM-only model without processing for digital radio will be made available at lower cost.

Fans of the 8500 can run their favorite presets on the new unit. Various popular 8500 features are carried over to the 8600.

The new unit also lets users in countries enforcing ITU-R 412 MPX power limits to apply MPX power gain reduction after the clippers so that the texture of the processing can include more “clipper sound.”

The processor will offer six structures. Four are the same as in the Optimod-FM 8500. New “MX” structures (five-band and two-band) are similar to their earlier counterparts but use the new peak limiting technology, which Orban says will decrease distortion while achieving big improvements in transient punch and high frequency clarity. “This advanced technology requires more input-to-output delay than the older structures, so it is impractical for talent to monitor these structures off-air with headphones. The 8600 offers a special low-delay monitor output for this purpose.”

The Optimod-FM 8600 HD Digital will retail for $13,990 while the non-HD Radio version will be three grand less. The current 8500 drops in price; the Optimod-FM 8500 HD Digital becomes $9,590 while the FM-only version is one thousand less.

Hi everyone,
I would like to share with you a story about one of my installations which really make it clear to me how important it is to carry out tilt calibration in BBP..

I set up a PC for a client about 6 months ago in a bit of a hurry and didn't get time to set up the tilt on the soundcard output, Realtek ALC888 onboard. All seemed well, the sound was good and the transmitter and audio setup passed the technical inspection by the regulator, which is a VERY detailed and fussy test.
However, although the sound was loud, and always 72-75 khz (with only very occasional overshoots) I just always felt that for some reason, our competitors had the edge (one of them does run at an average of 105% modulation though which gave a slight unfair advantage).
This weekend I had the chance to carry out the 6 monthly maintainence check on the system and decided to take my test gear along and set up the tilt.
The tilt was only a little out, I'd say about a 5 degree downward tilt and the tilt setting to correct was only 4. I ONLY adjusted the tilt, nothing else, no levels, nothing.
When I reconnected to the transmitter, the deviation was only sitting at 55-57 Khz, so this means that I was wasting around 15% of my loudness due to the tilt being out, only a tiny bit.
Now it's been corrected, my audio is showing the competition how it's done and they all have £10k Optimods.

I think this really makes a clear point of why it is important to give so much emphasis to setting up the tilt. If only a small adjustment made that much difference, think how much it could be wrong if your tilt is 10, 20 or even more out!!
This is the reason BBP beats all other systems hands-down, no other system allows a tilt adjustment so if you are using Soundsolution, Stereotool or ANY other program for your output, you cannot adjust the tilt and you cannot get anywhere near as loud as BBP staying within +/-75Khz.

The lesson has been learned, do not underestimate the importance of the tilt calibration!!

Breakaway Professional Products / Two instances, Split soundcard. Possible?
« on: September 27, 2009, 10:10:24 PM »
Hi Leif,
         A quick question, if I were to run two instances of BBP on a machine, do 2 complete soundcards need to be installed or is it possible for the output of one instance to use the left and the other, the right channel of the main output card?
I do this on some installations with 2 instances of Airomate, which can be set up this way (with a bit of fiddling), I have 2 different stations coming out of each of the channels of the soundcard. This works brilliantly. Just wondering if the same is possible with BBP.

Breakaway Professional Products / Tilt calibration.
« on: September 22, 2009, 09:33:42 PM »
Hi, I want to just clarify a couple of things to do with tilt and calibration for tilt measurement.

Let's say I'm using my 1st PC to measure tilt. First thing I do is using the paralell port trick in bbcal, set the tilt on the screen until my squarewave looks right. If I then connect the output from the second PC into the same card, bbcal still running, set the BBP on PC2 to 60hz squarewave, and adjust the tilt output on BBP until the squarewave looks right again, is BBP calibrated correctly now?

Finally, for simply adjusting the tilt, does the soundcard being used need to be 192khz or will any soundcard be ok for looking at the 60hz squarewaves? I'm not using this for MPX measurements just to get the tilt correct.

The reason I'm asking is that I'm looking to get some kit together for easily setting up BBP in the field.
I'm hoping ultimately that the built in soundcard on my laptop will suffice and I can use its own paralell port to set up the 1st tilt measurement.
I dont even feel the need to make mpx measurements as I'm 100% confident that as long as BBP is calibrated correctly, and pilot levels are correct, the deviation shown on the TX will never be overshot and the sound will be market leading.



Breakaway Professional Products / Help configuring Emu 0404
« on: June 02, 2009, 01:11:33 PM »
   I am in the process of evaluating BBP and I have bought a EMU 0404 as in the card list.
I can't however get it to go..
The card is working fine as a normal card but cant get it to do 96 or 192Khz operation.

It seems that the PatchDSP program is mandatory to be running for the soundcard to work (tried installing drivers only and got nothing). The problem is this program only allows me to select 44.1 or 48khz in the settings, 96 and 192 are greyed out.
This results in BBP giving an audio engine error (cant open output pin, device busy).

Does anyone know how to set this card up for 192Khz operation and to not appear as busy?

Many Thanks,


Hi, I am currently evaluating the Broadcast processor and I am very impressed so far, I would however like to suggest a couple of simple extra features which would make this more suitable to my needs.

Firstly, I would like to be able to bypass the audio processing section altogether and feed stereo audio straight into the stereo encoder/mpx clippers and I would like to be able to select the input device for this as with all others, i.e an analog soundcard input OR a digital "virtual" input, such as a breakaway pipeline.

Secondly, I would like to be able to set an optional variable delay from the audio processing section into the encoder/clipper section.

The reason for this is that I would like to use breakaway at my main transmitter site, straight to the TX but I would then like to send the processed audio (from the L/R out) via IP to another site. This part I can see is possible and I have tested this succesfully  but when it arrives at the other end, I would then like to be able to feed this straight into the encoder/clipper section of another instance of breakaway running at the remote site. My only other option would be to purchase a seperate hardware encoder and composite processor for this site which would be very expensive and would not give me good parity of processing between the sites.
Furthermore, I would like to apply a delay into the encoder at the main site to synchronise (as closely as possible) the audio from both sites to compensate for the IP link delay.

Do you think that either of these features could be included into a future version?

The delay feature would not be very important but the first option would be very important to me.

Kind Regards,


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