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BAE for Mac and Mobile
« on: October 20, 2014, 11:21:22 AM »
I am not an audio purest but I love music and I like to listen to it with BAE.   After five years of reading posts here I still hope for an OSX version but have not seen any hints to indicate that it will ever become a reality.  I use BAE 24 /7 with my Mac Mini 2007 Music Server and Mac Mini 2011 by either running Windows 7 in bootcamp or Parallels Desktop.     On my Mac Mini 2011 I use Parallels and recently upgraded to Parallels 10 and Yosemite. I run iTunes in OSX on the Mac and playback through BAE running in Parallels Windows 7  via Airplay and Airfoil Speakers.  While that is a solution the problem here at home I am still looking for a way to get BAE running in my car or at least find a way to easily process MP3 files with BAE.   It amazes me that BAE or some other workable form of Audio compression-enhancer is not available for car sound systems. I am not a sound engineer so I cannot imagine the complexity of developing a mobile or IOS version of BAE but it must be somewhat difficult or Claesson Edwards would do it. There is certainly a market for it.