Author Topic: NOOB question: how to broadcast?  (Read 723 times)


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NOOB question: how to broadcast?
« on: July 25, 2017, 03:25:36 PM »
Please forgive me for posting such primary question, but I am completely new to broadcasting and what I can find here in other threads is just too complex to me. I have managed to set up Winamp to stream to my Shoutcast server flawlessly, but now I would like to broadcast the sound as processed by Breakaway Live or One, whatever it takes. I tried several routes - attaching the Winamp Shoutcast dll to the DSP list in BW, using the LiveLink plugin mentioned in this forum - but nothing seems to work.

What I would like is a simple, step-by-step cookbook recipe: how can I get Winamp audio processed through BW (either Live or One) before being sent to the Shoutcast server (either by Winamp or by BW itself)? Can it be done with Live? If not, do I need to buy a streaming license for BW One? I would appreciate any help on this regard.


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Re: NOOB question: how to broadcast?
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2017, 03:14:11 PM »
It's pretty easy to do no matter which version of Breakaway you choose, besides the consumer "Audio Enhancer" version, which only supports output to a real soundcard, and doesn't support any way to stream internally.

BreakawayOne makes it easiest, since there's excellent streaming built into it.

1. install BreakawayOne, and configure it so you have at least 1x HD core, with the streaming option. Set the desired HD core's soundcard input to be the "Pipeline" virtual soundcard that you'll be using to route audio from Winamp (or whatever) into BaOne. Set BaOne "Common Monitor Output" to be whatever soundcard you want to use to listen to for testing purposes, if you need one at BaOne's host computer.

2. run BaOne in App mode.

2. Set Winamp to output to the Pipeline virtual soundcard that you selected to input from in BaOne... and press play.

3. You should be getting audio in BaOne now (and through, if you setup any outputs with the HD path used).

4. Install the community codec package, restart BaOne, and setup whatever streams you need in the HD path's Streaming area. You should see at least 7 codecs in the "Codec" dropdown of each encoder. Setup an encoder, and click "Enable".

5. Now the decision making part comes, the actually hard part. ;) Adjusting the processing (and maybe source too, such as using good Loudness Normalization like ReplayGain2) to get the sound you and your listeners want. Have fun!